IML Food Containers

The IML Difference

Here's why IML containers are superior to other containers.

 -  Containers arrive full decorated with full color, high resolution labels in-molded into the sides and lids - Our high resolution labels will help you upgrade your brand/overall product image

 -  No limitations on colors - add as many colors to your designs as desired.  Digital photos, barcodes and logos may be included as well

  -  Design uniquely colored in-molded labels for each of your products - you may still combine uniquely colored designs to obtain higher quantity price breaks as long as you use the identical container size

  -  Top to bottom graphics coverage around the entire container - larger billboard will translate into a more eye-catching look

  -  Seasonal designs - you may want a container especially for a particular holiday or special event

  -  Consistent placement of the labels around the container - translates into a better looking package

  -  The "no-label" look to in-molded labels (the in-molded labels are part of the containers) - the containers look better than containers with labels adhered to the outside of the containers

  -  Excellent water and scratch resistance

  -  Reusable and recyclable packaging

  -  No secondary decoration needed - saves time and money - eliminates the need for labeling equipment

In the in-mold labeling process, a label is placed in the open mold and held in the desired position by electrostatic attraction. The mold closes and molten plastic resin is injected into the mold where it conforms to the shape of the object. The hot plastic envelopes the label, making it an integral part of the molded object. The difference between glue applied labels and in-mold labels is that a glue applied label is "on" the surface of the plastic object; the in-mold label is "in" the wall of the object.

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