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We produce vibrant, full color IML (in-mold labeled) plastic containers for food companies and other businesses.  We're able to in-mold custom labels into the container sides, container lids and cup sidewalls.  The in-molded labels can't be removed and become part of the overall construction of the containers, lids and cups.

Our stock plastic food containers and cups are available for your custom, full color labels to be in-molded.  Please visit our Stock IML Containers page for more details.

We also are able to help you with your custom IML containers.  We have the capability of manufacturing custom molds to fit your specific needs.  Please see our Custom IML Containers page for more details.

Made in the U.S.A.


IML food containers may be used for a wide variety of foods.  Below are some examples.

- Frozen Cookie Dough Containers
- Salsa Containers
- Chile Containers
- Deli Containers
- Cole Slaw Containers
- Bean Containers
- Potato Salad Containers
- Butter Containers
- Nacho Buckets
- Popcorn Buckets
- Battered Potato Buckets
- Curly French Fry Buckets
- Chocolate Covered Pecan Containers
- Cheese Spread Containers
- Soap Containers
- Gummy Worm Candy Containers
- Cottage Cheese Containers
- Honey Butter Containers
- Honey Containers
- Barbecue Containers
- Peanut Containers
- Strawberry Containers
- Pistachio Containers
- Pet Food Containers
- Kids Cups for Restaurants -  
- Drink Cups

Please email us at with questions or if you would like samples.  262.623.6148

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